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Keeping our customers safe and on the road is our goal at RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne, FL. When something goes wrong with your engine or your vehicle’s electrical system, your car will usually let you know immediately. However, when the rubber meets the road, you need to know that your tires are in great shape as well.

In an attempt to boost performance, tire manufacturers analyze the capabilities of their tires under a variety of road conditions and speeds to ensure their safety and durability. These tests are conducted on all factory-made tires whether they are intended for rain, snow, off-road, performance or fuel conservation. Among the many tests done on new tires is a stopping distance test. Stopping distance is the span of the road that it takes for a vehicle to come to a complete stop.


Several factors determine the stopping distance of a tire. These include the materials and construction of the tire, its tread patterns and the vehicle on which it's mounted. That's why it is so important to choose the right tire for your car, van or truck. Fortunately, we can help you determine which tires are best suited for your vehicle and your day to day driving demands. You don’t want to pick the wrong one and have your car stop in 10 feet when you needed it to stop in five.


A simple way to determine whether you need tires is the quarter test. Insert a quarter upside down into your tire's tread. If the tread of your tire does not touch George Washington's head, it's time to have your tires replaced. Come see us at RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne, FL to have your tread measured or to have your tires replaced.


If you don’t have a quarter on hand, or you just prefer a tighter measurement, keep these figures in mind.


5/32" or greater depth: Your tires are in good condition and do not need to be replaced.

4/32" Depth: Your tires should be monitored, and you may notice a decline in wet weather performance.

3/32" Depth: Monitor your tires closely and replace them soon to ensure your vehicle is road ready, safe, and dependable.

2/32" Depth or less: You need tires now. Driving is unsafe with tires in this condition and should be replaced right away.


Trust your tires to our team of automotive technicians at RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne, FL!


Thank you for visiting RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne, FL. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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