Your car’s radio and headlights, plus a slew of other important functions, are powered by an electrical current generated by your vehicle’s engine. A vital part of generating electricity is having a place to store it while it’s not being used. This is where your car battery comes into play. The battery of your vehicle holds electrical energy while the car is off in order to help the engine turn over and create a spark to start internal combustion. Without a working battery, your car will not be able to start. If you allow our team here at RCI Jeep & 4x4 to perform proper maintenance, an average car battery can start your car reliably for roughly four years.

The typical car battery found in most modern cars is of a lead-acid storage design. While we don’t suggest it, if you were to look beneath the surrounding casing of a standard 12-volt car battery, you’d find six connected cells. In these cells is a toxic concoction of hydrogen-oxygen gasses and sulfuric acid, which can burn your skin on contact. The American National Standards Institute advises wearing gloves and eye protection when handling your car battery. We’d also recommend you not smoke around your car battery.

A car’s battery is connected by two metal terminals – one positive (+) and one negative (-) – located at the top of the battery’s casing. These terminals can develop buildup over time, which can inhibit electrical flow. If there are encrusted deposits on the battery, bring them in and let our team here at RCI Jeep & 4x4 clean them for you! This will ensure that current flows more freely through the terminals and then to the necessary components.

We will also check that the cable ends are securely attached to the terminals. A loose cable end can cause a car not to start and mimics the symptoms of a dead battery. It's important to let a technician check the cables on your battery. Removing the positive terminal before the negative can result in a spark, which could ignite anything flammable in the engine compartment and cause an explosion. 

If you are facing issues with your battery or want to get it checked to be sure it is properly maintained, bring it to our team in Melbourne, FL today. Here at RCI Jeep & 4x4, your safety is our top priority and we want to keep you on the road for years to come!


Thank you for visiting RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne, FL. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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