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When your vehicle overheats, you want it fixed immediately by a professional as it can cause serious issues FAST! What does it mean? Obviously, the engine is getting too hot, but what causes this and how can you keep your vehicle from overheating? RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne has the answers for you!

Overheating can be caused by a variety of things, from an air bubble in your coolant, blown fan fuse, to a bad head gasket, or a warped engine head. Faulty thermostats, bad water pumps, low coolant levels, bad radiators, and blocked heater cores or hoses will also cause a car to overheat. If your car is getting hot, it isn’t necessarily a huge problem, as long as the engine doesn’t get too hot for too long. Often, a simple solution will fix your problem. Basically, a car runs the risk of overheating any time the flow of coolant throughout your engine is interrupted, or if the radiator is incapable of displacing enough heat.

However, no matter how simple or complicated an issue is, overheating is a serious problem. A five-dollar thermostat isn’t a big deal. However, if you ignore the problem and allow the engine to get hot enough or let it stay hot for too long, you’ll be looking at a new engine or serious engine work very soon. Never push your luck if your car is running hotter than normal. Keep an eye on your gauge if your warning light comes on pull over and shut the car down immediately if the temperature rises too high. It is always best to call us here at the shop if you have a question so we can let you know how serious it is if you are concerned.  If you ever have fluids leaking out or see steam rising from the hood immediately stop the vehicle and get help as that is a large indicator of a serious issue that needs a resolution now and not later.

In summary, a car can overheat for various reasons which may not be serious. But ignoring the condition of overheating is incredibly serious, so a small problem can escalate into a big one very quickly. If you are experiencing cooling issues with your vehicle, let our technicians at RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne, FL take a look; whether the issue is a simple one or not, fixing the problem will definitely save you an engine. If you need a coolant flush, a new thermostat, or a more complicated solution like a head gasket or a new radiator, our mechanics at RCI Jeep & 4x4 will diagnose the problem with your car, truck, or SUV and get you back on the road.

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