We provide suspension servcies

We Provide Suspension Repairs & Replacements at RCI Jeep & 4x4

Your car’s suspension is probably something you don’t think about very often. Typically, suspension parts wear out slowly and worsen over a long period of time, so you may not even notice that you have worn suspension parts until other parts have worn out or broken. RCI Jeep & 4x4 services the suspension needs for Melbourne, FL drivers on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUV's plus fleet vehicles. 

Your suspension is a combination of all the parts that connect your vehicle to the wheels. Shocks, struts, tires, tie rods, sway bars, other linkages, and metal and rubber bushings all work together to provide your car, truck, or SUV with ride comfort and handling ability. Your suspension defines the way your car rides and drives a car is only as good as its suspension. Since suspension parts carry the weight of your vehicle, combat it’s momentum constantly to keep it stable and regularly experience motion: these parts are under a lot of stress, all the time even when your car is just sitting there.

If you notice your ride isn’t that comfortable, faulty suspension parts are to blame. Squeaking and groaning sounds during direction changes or confronting bumps in the road, thuds and pops, excessive bounciness, poor ride quality, and unevenly worn tires are all symptoms of faulty shocks, bushings, bearings, and linkages. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Bad suspension parts will wear out your tires and other suspension parts much more rapidly and can be dangerous if neglected. Think about it; your suspension is what connects your car to your wheels, enabling it to hover above the wheels and allow for steering. If something breaks, you will likely find your car incapacitated, with one wheel pointing in the wrong direction or the underside of your car resting fully on the ground.

Functions of your Suspension

  • Maintain correct vehicle ride height so it travels smoothly
  • Reduce the effect of a shock to the vehicle and occupants
  • Maintain correct wheel alignment
  • Support the weight of your vehicle
  • Keep your tires fully in contact with the road
  • Control the direction your vehicle is traveling

Typical Wear and Tear 

Over time, steering, and suspension components wear out and require replacement. Regular checks are critical to maintaining a safe car. Factors that affect wear include:

  • Driving habits
  • Operating conditions (potholes in road)
  • Vehicle type
  • Type of steering and suspension system
  • Driving on rough or unpaved roads, towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads
  • Frequency of regular maintenance such as chassis lubrication and wheel alignment

Warnings of Suspension Failure

  • Badly cupped tires and/or noticeable tire shaking, wheel shimmy or vibration after hitting a bump
  • Harsher, bumpy rides
  • Steering is stiff
  • Vehicle nosediving when the brakes are applied
  • Suspension bottoming on rough roads or when backing out of a driveway
  • Body sway or rocking when cornering or driving in strong crosswinds
  • The car pulls to one side
  • Excessive noise, vibration or bouncing
  • Fluid leaking out of the shocks or strut body

The bottom line is, your suspension is key to maintaining a good vehicle. If your car makes sounds of protest when you turn or hit bumps and dips, the tires are wearing unevenly, or you just don’t think your ride is as comfortable as it could be, let one of our experienced technicians at RCI Jeep & 4x4  have a look. Our mechanics can pinpoint your issue, and correct it in no time, whether you need new shocks, bushings, wheel bearings, or an entire strut replaced. We like to ensure our drivers in Melbourne have a safe and comfortable drive.

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